Festiwal Mody

Sylvia Omina Otsieno

My name is Sylvia Omina Otsieno, founder of an upcoming fashion brand Omina Otsieno.  Omina Otsieno is an upcoming fashion line whose designs are drawn from inspiration from Arts and Culture. Her products are characterised by detail of crocheted yarn and beads, and African prints, her products include; Apparel and jewellery and is looking to go into more accessories and home decoration.
Omina Otsieno aims to ultimately become the Fashion and Arts Brand of choice in Africa. Additionally, Omina Otsieno aims to invest in communities through collaborating in different art-related projects i.e. pottery, tailoring (fashion), furniture making and mat weaving. The Impoverished state that people in the village live in while they are surrounded with all the resources that should enable them get out of poverty is devastating. Omina Otsieno looks to invest fashion and Design skills in all forms of these Arts in the village and translate them into creative designs that will sell and bring income to the people.